Olga Kadatskaya


Kriya, hatha and fly yoga, stretching, kinesiology, yoga instructor for pregnant women.

IYF and USA Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor, certified rehabilitation specialist, certified fly yoga and stretching instructor, neurokinesiologist.
Experience in working with the physical body in various fields for over 20 years


first higher education – Kharkiv National University, candidate of economic sciences;
second higher education – National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine, rehabilitation specialist.


International level certificate IYF and USA Yoga Alliance;
Kriya Yoga Instructor Certificate;
FLY YOGA certificate;
personal fitness trainer certificate;
stretching instructor certificate;
yoga instructor training courses for pregnant women
SMR Trainer certificate according to Blackroll Ukraine standards;
International Certificate NK Institute (NEUROENERGETIC KINESIOLOGY) Kinesiology, Australia;
international certificate of a specialist in color therapy (Aura-Soma International Academy of Color Therapists, England)

Ольга Кадацкая - Joint mobility exercises #15
Olga Kadatskaya
Ольга Кадацкая - Joint mobility exercises #15
Ольга Кадацкая - Yoga with blocks #12
Olga Kadatskaya
Ольга Кадацкая-Yoga with blocks#12
Ольга Кадацкая - Yoga #13
Olga Kadatskaya
Ольга Кадацкая- Yoga#13
Ольга Кадацкая - Yoga #32
Olga Kadatskaya
Ольга Кадацкая-Yoga#32
Ольга Кадацкая - Yoga #33
Olga Kadatskaya
Ольга Кадацкая-Yoga#33