Terms & Conditions 26.02.2020

1. The Subject of the Agreement
a) FFTV undertakes to provide the user with access to viewing video materials on the FFTV platform, and the user undertakes to pay the tariff under the terms of this Agreement.
This Agreement governs the purchase and sale of goods and services in the online store, including:
– voluntary choice of goods and services by the user on the Internet;
– self-registration by the user of an order in the Internet;
– payment by the user of an order placed on the Internet;
– processing and delivery of the order to the user on the terms of this Agreement.

2. Scope of activity:
a) For the business relationship between Fitnessfreedomtv.com (hereinafter “FFTV”) and the user
this user agreement and terms of use of the platform are used in
their current form at the time of purchase.
b) Users are consumers, that is, individuals who
enter into a relevant transaction for a purpose that is neither commercial nor
can be classified as an independent professional activity. In other cases
they are entrepreneurs in accordance with applicable law and
cases of such use of the platform are discussed with the FFTV administration in personal

3. Services and parties:
a) Fitness Freedom TV (hereinafter – “FFTV”) owns and operates the online platform at Fitnessfreedomtv.com (hereinafter –
“Website”) that hosts fitness and aerobics training videos.
Therefore, this platform is primarily intended for fitness trainers and clients.
b) “User” – an individual who has entered into an Agreement with FFTV on the terms set out below.
c) Users can purchase a subscription on the platform to watch the video
online via streaming. What videos the user can watch in
streaming depends on the chosen subscription and course. There is a difference between
free and paid (professional) subscriptions.

4. Contract and subscription:
a) When registering on this site, an agreement is concluded between the user and FFTV,
points of which are indicated here. The user can choose the type of membership (basic
(free) or professional (paid)), which affects which course and
the content will be available to the user.
b) As part of the “basic” membership, the user has access to all “free” videos
on the site.
c) As part of a “professional” membership (subscription payment), the user can
view all videos in streaming. “Professional” membership optional
offered as an auto-renewing subscription.
d) When registering on the FFVT platform, the user automatically agrees with
the rules of this agreement and the terms of use of the platform. And also, gives
consent to the collection, processing and storage of personal data.

5. Prices:
a) “Basic” membership is free. Only “professional” membership is
paid for the user. Specific prices are available on the rates page on the web
site and will be clearly displayed to the user during the agreement.
b) “Professional” membership is available as a subscription for a specific period from
automatic renewal or for a certain period without automatic
c) All prices are indicated on the “rates” page and include taxes.

6. Duration of the contract:
a) Free (basic) membership is valid for an indefinite period and can
be immediately removed from either side.
b) “Professional” membership can be granted periodically and / or
a one-time option. One-time use ends membership
automatically after the expiration of the contract (subscription).
c) Any membership can be removed from the FFTV website. This action is immediate
deletes all information about the user, his playlist, purchases and personal data from the database
FFTV data. Login to the FFTV website is no longer possible. When
professional membership refunds for the remainder of the paid period
not produced.
d) An electronic agreement is considered concluded from the moment the person who sent the proposal to conclude such an agreement receives a response to accept this proposal in the manner determined by part six of Article 11 of the Law of Ukraine “On Electronic Commerce”.

7. Rules for viewing courses and videos
a) FFTV grants the user the right to view the courses uploaded to the site and
video. Any sublicense of uploaded courses and videos is excluded. Right to
viewing paid content is provided only after full payment.
b) Commercial use of any courses and / or videos is excluded, especially
copying, distribution or sale. Also, any non-commercial
distribution and copying. Criminal liability for violation of this paragraph
provided for by Article 176 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. FFTV is monitoring progress
of this clause of the contract by means of online plugins. In case of violation of this
item, the user account will be deleted without a refund, as well as FFTV
turn to internal organs in order to suppress illegal activities
c) FFTV provides the user with the ability to use 3 unique
devices to access the platform. Access to one account on the FFTV platform
only possible from 3 devices, input from the 4th device will not be possible. This is done with
the purpose of limiting the possibility of dishonest distribution of access to the platform by
agreements and / or illegal resale of access to the platform account.

8. Terms of payment:
a) Payment can be made on the website using a credit card (Visa \ Mastercard)
by means of the LiqPay payment system, to a bank account, as well as through
transfer to the card of PrivatBank (Ukraine)
b) Payment can be made immediately after the conclusion of the contract (registration).

9. Responsibility of the parties:
a) The parties are responsible for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the terms of this agreement in the manner prescribed by this agreement and the current legislation of Ukraine.
b) The seller is not responsible for:
– the appearance of the Goods changed by the manufacturer;
– for a slight discrepancy in the color gamut of the video, which may occur due to the different color rendering of monitors of personal computers, laptops and telephones of certain models;
– for the content and veracity of the information provided by the Buyer when placing an order;
– for delays and interruptions in the provision of services that occur for reasons beyond his control;
– for unlawful illegal actions carried out by the Buyer using this access to the Internet;
– for the transfer by the Buyer of his network identifiers – IP, MAC-address, login and password to third parties;
c) The Buyer, using the Internet access provided to him, is independently responsible for the harm caused by his actions (personally, even if another person was under his login) to persons or their property, legal entities, the state or moral principles of morality.
d) In the event of force majeure circumstances, the parties are exempted from fulfilling the terms of this agreement. For the purposes of this agreement, force majeure circumstances mean events of an extraordinary, unforeseen nature that exclude or objectively interfere with the execution of this agreement, the occurrence of which the parties could not have foreseen and prevented by reasonable means.
e) The parties make every effort to resolve any disagreements exclusively through negotiations.

10. Terms of return:
a) The user can cancel the paid FFTV subscription at any time. You will no longer be charged for it, but the benefits of your subscription will remain available to you until the end of the billing cycle. Please note that funds for the remainder of the billing period in which you cancel your subscription will not be refunded.
b) If you have problems with the features associated with a paid FFTV subscription, for example, they are not available or do not work as expected, you can request assistance or a refund. To do this, you need to contact FFTV to resolve the issue. Please be aware that the payment for a partially expired billing period is not refundable.

11. Obligations of the user:
a) The user is obliged to truthfully fill in all the necessary information in the web form and
provide correct information when registering on the FFTV website. Successful
registration is possible only after filling in all required fields.
b) Users are only allowed to access the FFTV website from one account.