Сергей Конюшок и Валерия Иващенко
You can say it a thousand times, or you can take it once and do it!

My name is Valeria Ivashchenko and I am a rehabilitation trainer with 17 years of experience, and most importantly, I am a young mother after giving birth. We did a training session for you with Serhiy Konyushk, a famous Ukrainian athlete who set 15 records in Ukraine. This symbolic payment will go to help Nikita in full, and you will have the opportunity to train at home or on the street, having a functional class without equipment for all levels of training.

The realization that you have just become a part of the struggle for the life of a little person gives a certain feeling of confidence that you are living this life correctly.

And believe me, when the baby is saved, after seeing the final post, you will feel the emotion of happiness - you will want to laugh and cry at the same time, because you helped Nikita, which means that this victory will be yours too! Nikita Kryzhny 1 year and 11 months. SMA type 1
Urgent collection for expensive gene therapy. Amount collected 2.300.000 $
The training costs 200 UAH, but for you now there is a discount for it - 99 UAH, which will be used in full for the treatment of the baby. Let's do it together?
Valeria Ivaschenko
Specialization: Aerobics, Pilates, Jumping, Step, TRX, health fitness, ...
Charity video with Sergey Konyushko
  • Charity video
  • Sergey Konyushok and Valeria Ivaschenko
  • All funds will be directed to Nikita Kryzhnaya's treatment.
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